We supply Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Strainers fabricated from woven wire cloth, mainly tea strainers and sink strainers, for kitchen and family uses.

The stainless steel material applies: AISI316 and AISI316L.
Shapes and sizes: Tailored to meet your requirements.
Mesh strainers can be classified into tea strainers to prevent the tea leaves from entering into the water and sink strainers in the kitchen and plants.

Other forms of wire mesh fabricated products including oil skimmers, mesh baskets, containers can be made also.


  • Wire mesh strainers can catch the tiny particle to prevent clogged drains;
  • It is economic cost;
  • A variety of sizes and types;
  • Perfect for draining, straining or sifting.

Articles are made with outside wire mesh, normally coarse mesh and interior fine woven wire mesh cloth. With or without handles.

We can supply round mesh colander with the following features:

  • Round Mesh Colander.
  • With stainless steel mesh and frame.
  • 4" high × 12" diameter.
  • 2 frame mounted handles.