Sand Screen

Sand screen is a commonly used method in the oil & gas industry to block sand out, enhance wellbore stability and ensure smooth production in wellbores.

Wedge Wire Filter Elements

Wedge wire filter element specification, there are diameter size, materials, slot opening and appplication description.

Sintered Filter Elements

Sintered filter elements are made out of five layer sintered metal mesh.

Stainless Steel Filter Element

Stainless steel filter element is made up of S. S 316 with the square weave, twilled dutch weave and plain dutch weave types and the various specifications. It is widely used in heavily contaminated application.

Pleated Filter Element

Pleated filter element has large surface area providing depth filtration, no leave a residue, foam or contaminate, low cost and longer life.

Liquid Filter Element

Liquid filtration is the removal of solids from liquids by flowing the contaminated liquid through a filter medium that will retain the solid particulates and allow only clean liquid to pass through

Wire Mesh Strainers

Wire Mesh Strainers includes tea strainers and sink strainers, for kitchen and family uses. Oil skimmers, mesh baskets, containers and mesh colander are also available.

Nozzles Strainers for Sand Filters

Nozzles strainers for sand filter technique specification: including materials, slot opening, flow direction and more info.

Candle Filter

Candle Filters for polymer melt can be pleated in the body with several end types. Candle filter elements offer ideal property for polymer melting processing in chemical and fiber industries

Filter Media

We normally use stainless steel woven mesh 304, 304L, 316, 316L as filter media in the patterns of Plain, Twilled, Dutch weave to achieve full range of aperture and properties.

Gas Filter Element

Gas filter element is made of stainless steel. It is used for gas clear in cars, processed gas, gas filtration and gas collector.

Fuel Filter Element

Fuel filter element is used in the gasoline or diesel fuel, and even used in the systems of LPG, effectively preventing the high-precision fuel system components of internal combustion engines from rapid wear

Dust Collector Filter Cartridge

Cartridge filters are the most advanced form of media filtration. Offering high efficiency across a broad range of particle sizes, cartridge filters can be used for just about any dust collection application.

Cylinder Filter Element

Cylinder filter element is used on blower systems, silo blowers and venting applications.They are also used in air filter, hydraulic filter and oil filter.

Air Filter Element

Air filter element can remove solid particulates and airborne molecular contaminants, used in building ventilation systems and in engines.