• Gas Filter Element

    The element body is a weldless tube of sintered stainless steel between stainless steel end caps.

  • Sintered filter elements

    Sintered filter elements are made out of five layer sintered metal mesh.

  • Stainless Steel Filter Element

    Stainless steel filter elements are particularly useful in heavily contaminated applications and for use as pre-filters before disposable type final filters. 

Filter element and filter cartridge used for filtration

Boegger is engaged in filter elements products used in air filter, hydraulic filter and oil filter. We also supply all kinds of filter accessories.

The mission of the factory is to provide high quality filter element products including knitted, sintered or pleated filter element, wire mesh strainers, candle filter, filter media, and so on. Our filter product is available mainly in stainless steel, Aluminum or fibrous materials.

Our Sintered SS wire mesh filter element is required in transformer and hydraulic oil filtration and dehydration systems. With micron ratings - 1, 10, 20 and 50 microns. Its size such as OD, ID, length and ends patterns can be customed. For example, Dia 64 OD and 28 ID, length 10" or 20", and Double Open End.

Filter elements offered by us come in a variety of forms and applications. Our filter forms include pipes or cylinder filter, Wedge Wire and filter disc. The products service in waste water treatment, fuel system, blower systems and automotive industry. Gas filter element is suitable for use in filtering steam, gases and liquids. Fuel filter element is used in each fuel system. Cartridge filters are the most advanced form of media filtration, used for just about any dust collection application. Cylinder filter element is used on blower systems, silo blowers and venting applications. Air filter element can remove solid particulates and airborne molecular contaminants, used in building ventilation systems and in engines. Liquid filter element used to remove harmful particles from liquids so that the liquid may be recycled and reused.

Popular products:

  • Filter element for filter and back wash filter, material SS 316 L, ANSI flange 1.5 inch, total length = 85 - 90 cm, pressure = 90 - 150 psi, filtration rating = 25-40 micron, cylindrical or conical shape.
  • Pipe filter elements made from SS wire mesh cloth, filtration size 10 micron long 20 inches OD 2 1/2 to 3 inches, one inch female pipe threaded end, capable of revers wash with steam at 10 psi.
  • Stainless steel wire fabric filter element without frame with 0.05 mm - 0.10 mm wire diameter, packing density 250 resp. 300 kg/m3 for oil mist filtration.
  • 20 micron SS mesh oil filter cartridge, L=450 mm, OD=190 mm, oil inlet eye dia=95 mm, cap=65 lpm, pr=3kg/cm2, use for hydraulic oil filtration to increase the life of fine filter elements.

Our top priority is offering our customers an outstanding level of filter products and service. Our dedicated sales team has many years’ experience within the filtration industry. We also would help with any queries about technical specifications, pricing or delivery for compressed air and custom applications.

Hot Products
Sand Screen

Sand screen is a commonly used method in the oil & gas industry to block sand out, enhance wellbore stability and ensure smooth production in wellbores.

Wedge Wire Filter Elements

Wedge wire filter element specification, there are diameter size, materials, slot opening and appplication description.

Sintered Filter Elements

Sintered filter elements are made out of five layer sintered metal mesh.

Stainless Steel Filter Element

Stainless steel filter element is made up of S. S 316 with the square weave, twilled dutch weave and plain dutch weave types and the various specifications. It is widely used in heavily contaminated application.

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  • Filter Technology
    Filter Technology : All Filter Elements Are Conformed To The ISO Standards.
  • Over-molded Filters
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  • Stainless steel pipe, stainless steel sheet
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